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Lawn Service in Greensboro, NC

Your lawn says a lot about you as a property owner. If your lawn is lush, green, mowed regularly, and looks well-kept, visitors to your home or business will know that you are an attentive caretaker. We all know that proper lawn care is essential to keep your property looking its best - but who wants to spend all that time taking care of their lawn? Life is so busy even without it. Maybe you're often out of town on business, or perhaps you're a retiree and are no longer able to care for your lawn the way you once did. No matter your reasons, you have much better ways to spend your time than caring for your lawn.

Luckily, residents of Greensboro, NC have J&A Lawn & Landscape! We offer a variety of lawn services to keep your yard healthy and vibrant all season long.

Landscaping Service Greensboro, NC

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J&A Lawn & Landscape Inc is a full-service lawn care company. We offer a variety of lawn services in order to help your grass grow up looking healthy and beautiful, including:

  • Regular Mowing/Maintenance
  • Sod Installation
  • Seeding Service
  • Fertilization
  • Weeding
  • Pest Control Application
These services will keep your lawn looking lush but not unkempt. Our services will also keep your yard free of weeds and pests so your grass can grow healthy and green. When you sign up for lawn services from J&A Lawn & Landscape, you can trust that your lawn will look its best every day when you come home, giving you the time to actually enjoy it. Call our lawn care company today to get started!

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